Powered sweepers:

The test winner with perfect cleaning results!

The Kränzle power sweepers impress with their extremely efficient dirt holding capacity. Regardless of whether it is a 2 + 2 with double-roller hasp principle a Kränzle 1500K or a Kränzle 1 + 1 with dustpan principle, either model is characterized by its well thought-out functional details. Time for the big clearout.


Dirt pick-up:

All Kränzle power sweepers are characterized by their efficient dirt pick-up which is brought to perfection on the Model 2 + 2 machine with its counter-rotating side brushes.


Storage bin:

Storage bin and housing are made of impact-proof plastic and therefore robust and durable.

Continuously height adjustable:

The side brushes are height adjustable and can therefore be perfectly adjusted to different ground conditions.



To save space and relieve pressure on the brush heads, fold in the pushbar and place the machine 1+1 and 2+2 vertically on the joint covers and tank frame.